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TEACHING STARTS en MASS: Make certain the water is conforms to required depths for teaching starts. Always have boys line-up and take turns in front of girls, never the reverse. Swimmers line-up shoulder to shoulder across pool deck with boys in front of girls if space is limited.   Coach stands front n' center with swimmers following explanations and demonstrations. Swimmers try all starts because they may find a better one. Only times to the 15 meter mark will decide. Most swimmers don't know their times; however, the goal should be a world class swimmer's sub 7 seconds. When starting have boys vs boys of similar ability and girls vs girls of similar ablility

  1. Grab Start
    1. Stand tall - feet parallel under hips - space between feet for hands to grasp block edge. 
    2. On "take your mark" swimmers slowly drop down/forward - arms straight - knuckles gripping the front edge of the block between the feet - weight on balls of feet -eyes looking at the heels - legs fairly straight and seat high (don't sit on a toilet)
    3. On "hup" fingers pull up on 45 degrees and throw arms out to 30 degree angle for entry - head lifts - legs drive body forward (block backwards) - shins parallel to the surface - body enters hole made by hands - streamlining (back 3' deep) with tight core and ears under outstretched arms - hands overlapped - fly kick pattern starts when body slows to swimming speed - 
    4. Swimmers do about four starts on deck always jumping to a Phelps streamline position.
    1. Forward Lean Track Start
      1. Swimmers hop 6 times on each foot to determine on which foot they jump best
      2. Best jumping foot placed forward - both feet parallel - toes curled on front edge - standing tall
      3. On "take your mark" swimmers slowly drop down/forward - knuckles grasping on each side of the front foot - weight on the ball of front foot feeling like they'll fall forward - seat up legs faily straight - eyes on toes of back foot -
      4. On "hup" swimmers jump to Phelps streamline - same entry as Grab Start
    1. Rear Lean Track Start      
    2. 1. Best jumping foot forward - feet parallel - toes curled - standing tall -  
    3. 2. On "take your mark" swimmers slowly drop down/forward - knuckles grasping block on each side of the front foot - lean backward trying to keep seat high.   
    4. 3. On "hup" vigorous pull from arms followed by hard push from front foot - jumping to Phelps streamline position - same entry as Grab Start. 
    5. 4. Practice in waves - boys first, girls standing off both sides - when boys have started have girls move to block and start - swimmers practice five fly kick-outs past 15 meters - exit at closest side of pool - when girls have started boys move behind blocks for next start - girls exit closest side and wait off both sides, etc...

STREAMLINE KICK-OUTS - all in Phelps streamline position (ears under biceps)

  1. On stomach 10 fast kicks undulating from the hips - rigid core - back 3' deep
  2. On stomach 17 small-fast ripple kicks - rigid core - back 3' deep 
  3. On side 17 small-fast ripple kicks - rigid core - side 3' deep 
  4. On stomach 5 big fast kicks followed by 10 ripple kicks - rigid core - back 3' deep 
  5. On stomach 10 small-fast ripple kicks followed by 5 big fast kicks - rigid core - back 3' deep 


Competitions designed to help swimmers realize experimenting determines what works best  

  1. Fly kicks ONLY and time hands to 15 meters (World Class sub 7 sec)  
  2. Tap laneline wrench on gutter or poolside U/W in 6 seconds - swimmers stop immediately - pop-up and see how close they are to world class (15 meters)
  3. Start swimmers with favorite or coach selected start and U/W of their choice - first to 15 meters scores a point for their lane. See what lane wins the starting contest.
  4. All winners start with the first to 15 meters winning the day's starting contest.

MONTHLY MOTTOS: "You swim in meets the way you swim in practice"  Peter Banks


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Yours for FAST swimmin' ,  Bob Steele

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